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About the Artist/Site

Pietro Moschini lived his entire life in the Italian city of Tuscania, where he was born; after a few years of elementary schooling, he went to work as a shepherd and a farmhand.

In 1952, he made his first sculpture, a hobby he continued for the rest of his life. He completed hundreds of works, some of which were displayed in his house in Tuscania, and others in a summer house out of town.

Moschini’s sculptures, in wood and stone, included discrete works as well as ensembles, sculpted in high-relief on the walls of his house, and little by little the house was transformed into an art environment.

During his lifetime, Moschini’s work went unnoticed by the larger world. It was not until 2012, a year after his death, that Pavel Konecny, an art collector in the Czech Republic, saw some pictures of Moschini’s sculptures on the internet, posted by tourists who had met Moschino by chance and had visited his home.

Konecny, along with Mario Ciccioli, another artist living in Tuscania, and Moschini’s daughter and heir, Rosaria Falasca-Moschini, decided to work together to save the collection of work. They developed a plan to transform Moschini’s house in Tuscania into a small museum, a plan that saw fruition in May 2013, with the official opening of the Casa-Museo Pietro Moschini. Hours in which the museum will be open to the public have not yet been confirmed.

~Henk van Es


Map and site information

81 Via della Scrofa
Tuscania, Lazio, Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 42.41755 / 11.873735


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