Duke Cahill, Yard art (statues and assemblage fence)

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  • Location:

    Sacramento, California, USA (Map)

  • Status:

    Non Extant

  • Artist:
  • Built:


  • Materials:

    concrete, paint, tools, metal

About the Artist/Site

Cahill began building colossal statues in the 2 ½ acre yard of his Sacramento fiberglass and construction business in 1966. Helped by his skilled craftsmen when business was slow, they stacked up the empty 55-gallon drums that the fiberglass had come in, shaping figures, animals, and otherworldly creatures with plaster. The site also included elaborate gates, signs, and assemblages. Although it has been dismantled, most of the work has been saved and is in private collections.

~ Jo Farb Hernández

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Map and site information

Not Exact Address
Sacramento, California, United States
Latitude/Longitude: 38.701168 / -121.576698


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